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Intern Spotlight: Holly Mercer

Hello all- it’s been a while since I last put up a post but we’ve been busy planning and making sure we have lots of interesting and dynamic work coming up for you until the Christmas holidays. Everyone is very busy with revision for January exams and their intern work and UCAS applications and all sorts – but no one more so than Holly Mercer. Holly is one of the busiest interns up here in the Centre and is in charge of the Twitter account and helps me organise people posting for this blog. Alongside this she is using her skills outside of the Centre and is managing a group of people for her Travel and Tourism class – organising a trip to the Harry Potter Studios next year. This is great example of the skills learnt in the Centre being put to good use in the wider world. Marcel has asked Holly to help out at the Scholarship event on the 12th of December, and once again is organising other interns and generally getting stuff done!Holly is often used as an example of someone using their role as an Intern in the best way possible, and gaining so much from it.

I hope that this short post has given more of you a bit of an insight into the work and hard graft that goes on in the Centre, and hopefully a better understanding of the level some of our interns are working at.

My next post will explain some of the details of the upcoming Scholarship event, so keep checking back to us!

As always, please post and comments or questions – the comment bar should be working now

From Rhys Jones

Hi, the following is a post I received from Rhys Jones, an intern here at the centre. Two experiences in the space of a week. READ THIS!

Last week whilst I was on reception I was asked by Marcel to escort one of his guests down
to reception, his name was Clive Ozzard and he runs a business training and development organisation. Thinking Marcel was being lazy I took Clive down, and on the way we got chatting about what I wanted to do after Sixth Form when I mentioned that I wanted to become a Landscape Architect. Clive then mentioned a local Landscape Architecture firm called Coe Design and told me to have a look at them if I was interested in that sort of thing. So I did… I’m now planning to spend the two remaining weeks of my scholarship with them. Cunning Marcel intended for this sort of thing to happen, so when he asks you to do something just go with it. It might seem like a waste of time (and there might be occasions where you might think it is) but chances are something good will come out of it. It’s one of the things I’ve learnt whilst doing this scheme and, well, you can see why Marcel bangs on about how beneficial the scheme is.

Marcel and I went to a funeral last week, Richard Shoulders’ funeral to be exact. If you didn’t know Richard (don’t worry, I didn’t either) then he was a key player in the Sir Samuel Mico Scholarships Trust, without him the number of available scholarships would have been nowhere near as successful as they are. Richard was one of the trustees.  Now seeing as I didn’t know Richard many of you might think that it was disrespectful or maybe strange of me to go, which is a fair point. But I’ve got a theory on funerals now: if the life of the deceased has affected yours, then you should remember theirs. Before I went on the scholarship I was dead set on becoming a normal architect, now I don’t. If it wasn’t for the scholarship, and Richard, then it’s safe to say that I would’ve wasted 7 years in uni studying architecture. So thank you Richard.

Open Evening Success

Hello All,

On Tuesday 13th November the Centre of Excellence was open for Budmouth’s Sixth Form open evening. Many external and internal year 11 students were given tours around the centre by some hardworking interns who kindly volunteered to give up their own time to showcase the vast amount of opportunities the centre can offer, not just to them, but to businesses as well.
This was a great way of promoting the Centre, and increasing the confidence of our interns-allowing them to work on and develop their presentation skills.

We also created some business cards which had information about our twitter page on them; these were handed out to visitors throughout the night. These proved to be a great success, increasing our number of followers by 10 people at least.

Overall the night was a great success, and on the behalf of the centre, I would like to thank everyone who helped out, for making the night run as smoothly as it did.

Thanks for reading,

‘Leaders’ lecture today

Just a heads’up, this afternoon from 2pm we have another event as part of the Exposure Lecture Series. Todays talk is from Christine mansfeild of Powerful Performance Partnerships on the topic: ‘People are our most important asset – discuss!’ Its a very intriguing title and I hope to update you on the lecture itself by Friday.


Preparations for the Year 11 Open Evening

Hello all, just an update on the preparations we are making for the year 11 open evening this evening. On Tuesday the 13th of November the Centre of Excellence as well as the rest of sixth form will be opening for year 11s to see what Budmouth College has to offer them. This is an exciting time as it means we get to showcase what it is that we do here which can be very beneficial to a range of different students. We will have the opportunity to boast that this is the only Centre of Excellence in the UK for our age group, years 12 and 13.

The parents and guardians as well as the year 11 students will have refreshments in clare hall from 5.45pm.  Then they will be given a presentation including a speech from Charley Vincent (one of our resident interns), David Akers the principal, Mark Henman the head of Sixth Form, Rhys Tanner (one of our Associate Interns) and Lily Russell (the Sixth Form president). Several others and I will then tour people up Clare Tower for them to see the study rooms and then to the Centre of Excellence where our Interns will explain the 9 zones to the guests. I have been making business cards today for parents and students to pick up for them to have information on how to follow our twitter page that I run @ExCEILence and the blog that can be found through the budmouth website

This is a brilliant way to show the potential interns the amazing opportunity that we have at the only Centre of Excellence in the country that opens so many doors for us.  Not only is this a great opportunity to them but also for us to practise our professional presentation skills that will be applicable for us in future work.

Thank you for reading, Holly Mercer

Open 4 Business

Hello all,
This is Ellen Buckland, one of our interns, talking about her experience at the Open 4 Business conference.

On the 18th of October I was asked to attend an Open 4 Business meeting with Marcel, the idea
of this day was to meet people involved in local business and inform them about CEIL and the space that’s available to them. What I didn’t expect from the day was how much it would benefit me, though attending the meeting I met people that offered to help me through my own career aspirations, and who were interested in my opinions about the lasting legacy from the Olympics and in turn heard their own. It was an amazing opportunity for me and I’m just grateful I had the chance to be involved; it just goes to show that you have to grab any offer presented to you.


Hello – update on an eventful day yesterday for myself and another intern at the centre!

Rhys Tanner and I entered a video into a Political Studies Association competition a while ago, showing our view of the way politics is depicted in the media. We managed to become shortlisters and were invited to the Houses of Parliament to be interviewed by the panel of judges. These included the Speaker John Bercow and prominent political activist Doreen Lawrence (mother of the murdered teenager: Stephen Lawrence). The interviews were conducted in the Speaker’s Apartments in the Houses of Parliament; very ostentatious and beautiful – with impressive staircases and carved stone hallways. Eventually, after the other shortlisters were interviewed we all filed into the ‘crimson drawing room’ and the winners were announced – us!

This means that on the 4th of December we have been invited to a televised awards ceremony at the Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association 2012 for a champagne reception and three-course dinner with Cabinet Ministers and other high profile politicians. (yay!)

This is a great honour for both of us, and I hope to update you on our progress soon!


Holly’s first blog post…

Hello this is Holly Mercer (normally in charge of the twitter page) with my first blog post! Just to let you know about all the latest news of the Centre!

We have now gone from one blogger (Evie Gibson) to 4! Now Evie, Perdie Bargh, Natasha Turner and I all have the capability to post blogs to keep you updated on the interesting events going on here!  Hopefully this will give more regular updates of what we do here to keep you in the loop. If you have anything you would like us to blog about or comment then please email one of us! My e-mail address is

As I also run the twitter page, I would encourage you all to follow @ExCEILence for updates on the Centre of Excellence every day! After our last meeting with our social networking expert Andrew Knowles, I am aiming to tweet three times a day to give regular information about the Centre! So please don’t hesitate to follow the page then retweet, favourite and reply to any of the tweets!

There is a new Centre of Excellence Duty Checklist designed by Jeremy Elliot who is a full intern. It is a shorter and more precise checklist to remind us interns on duty about what we should do be doing while on their Centre Management duty! These duties include answering the phone, showing new interns around the Centre and managing the CEIL as a whole.

Ellen Buckland (an associate intern for the Centre) did really well in at the Centre of Excellence stand at the O4B (Open For Business) conference.  She helped promote the CEIL by talking to lots of different business experts about what we do here, so if you see Ellen around, congratulate her on her professional success!

That’s all I can think of for now, Thanks for reading! Holly

It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. ~W. Edwards Deming


Just an update on the changes to the blog we’ve got coming up, including some new bloggers I’d like to introduce, my colleagues Perdie Bargh, Natasha Turner and Holly Mercer. You may already know Holly from her twitter page – please follow the centre on @ExCEILence for updates and news! We are now working as a team to bring you regularly updated blog posts on a variety of topics.  The blog is still undergoing some technical issues with commenting and suchlike but I assure you it is being fixed! Apart from that, the centre is as busy as usual – with many students completing their UCAS applications and gearing up for January exams – they are not too far away! The Sixth Form Student Union has also been busy up in the centre – creating booklets and posters for the upcoming referendum (we have had more referendums this year than the government has had since the 1970’s!). I think this is great as it is yet another ‘adult’ aspect of life that many of us are speeding towards as we reach the age of eighteen, and a way of the college and the centre working together to prepare students for the wider world.

So, look out for some extra blog posts soon, and don’t forget to follow us on twitter!

Good Morning all.
First off, apologies in order for the slight hiatus in blogging, but as a result I have much to tell you about!

On the agenda is the continuation of the lecture series – the first of which I attended last week. Entitled ‘thinking for winners’ the lecturer was Rosie Barfoot of Training For Results, the lecture focused on expanding the way we think and looking at how creativity may be limited by a number of factors – including age and working environment. As a student attending the lecture I found it very interesting seeing the reactions of the adults from local businesses. The fact is; some of them ‘got it’ others simply didn’t. We focused on using mind maps to document and encourage thought processes – colours and images played a large part here in stimulating thought and memory. I have used these all my school life – and I guess I never realised how creative the college environment actually is. Using dramatic devices and unusual tools to help revise is actually fairly widespread within the school environment – as teachers have so many different minds to try and teach to. It never occurred to me that the kind of creativity we take for granted here might stop when you got to the workplace!

For me it highlighted the importance of a dynamic working environment. Even just painting the walls a different colour from the usual office magnolia I think could make a real difference to creativity – even in my own room at home I have LOADS of colourful things and interesting objects I’ve picked up, and it means there is always something around to engage the mind – even if you’re just relaxing.

based her talk on ideas and concepts brought from the recent ‘Mind your head’ conference. I urge you to check this out on Google – I really wanted to post a link here but for some reason it is filtered on the school system
However, please check out the rest of the lecture series on the Budmouth website here:

I’m going to sign off now, as there is a lot of information to think about here – if you’re confused perhaps put it on a mind map! Expect further commitments to blogging from me – especially about the development of our social media outlets. I and another intern Holly Mercer have started working with freelance writer Andrew Knowles to widen our internet capabilities and keep up with the technological world! More on that as it comes…