Monthly Archives: February 2015

My Journey with the CEIL

Bekah Roberts
I’ve been with the CEIL since January 2013, and I have noticed so much change in me! I joined last year shortly before the interviews for the Sir Samuel Mico scholarship. Sadly, however, I was unsuccessful in getting the scholarship due to the fact I panicked, then cried in front of the interviewers and was unable to finish the interview. I think it’s fair to say that “unprepared” is an understatement.
I kept my place in the CEIL and I decided that I had to work on my confidence so I could apply this year and hopefully be much more successful. With the help of Marcel and the various projects he’s had me do, I feel a lot more confident around new people and larger groups. I’m able to answer the phone in a much more confident and professional manner, I can give tours around the CEIL and tell them about the benefits I feel and I am able to meet and greet guests at the office and show them up to the CEIL. My eye contact has improved dramatically and I’m much more confident all round.
I re-enrolled for the CEIL this year because I feel like without the help from Marcel, Lynn and Penny I wouldn’t be as confident as I am now, and without that confidence I would bother reapplying for the scholarship, despite how important it is for me to get it.
I’m currently helping Lynn with the running of the Kiosk meetings after school on a Tuesday to help me to bring out the side of me that has control over the situation, without being rude. With this skill, I will be able to have more control and confidence in the interview instead of panicking.
At the end of this year, I hope to be a much more employable person, with the type of professionalism and confidence they look for in their candidates. It’ll be tough, but I am more than happy to work for it because I know just how important it is.