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My Scholarship Experience

Abigail Brewster
Before earning a scholarship, I had to be given a panel interview. This improved my confidence and my communication skills, as I had to prove to them that choosing me would be the best possible choice. I had to think on my feet when I was asked a difficult question, so I improved my ability to think on the spot.
When I got to Weatherbury Veterinary Practice, I got to see a completely different side of Veterinary treatments: homeopathy. This has made me interested in learning more at university. Working with a vet with an MBE for her homeopathy treatments and dedication inspired me to work hard whilst I was there and absorb as much information as I could. She treated her veterinary nurses’ pets professionally throughout, and had good relationships with all of her clients and their pets.
I also got to see a veterinary nurse’s job first-hand, by observing operations, cleaning the equipment after surgeries, and help with the recuperation of the patients, such as the Labrador who was accidently hit by her owners. Seeing her recover gave me such a rush knowing that I had helped her, giving me the epiphany that I wanted to be a veterinary nurse all along, instead of a vet. Since then, I have applied for four veterinary nursing university courses, and I look forward to training to become a veterinary nurse when I am accepted into one of these courses.
In the CEIL, I am in charge of the school shop, known as the Kiosk. My organisation skills helped me get tasks done quickly and efficiently, and my communication and listening skills came in handy when speaking to clients on the phone or in person, if the vet and the nurses were preoccupied, such as during operations. I also got to use my patience a lot whilst I was there; the most memorable example of this was when I chased a flock of sheep that had escaped from their field. I had to herd them back in whilst running through stinging nettles in quarter-length running trousers.
When I completed my scholarship placement, I was informed by the staff on my final day that, if I were to need any more work experience in the future, they would happily take me on again. This will be extremely helpful for me, as I loved working there, as it gave me a glimpse of my future in veterinary nursing, which I am extremely looking forward to. It also showed me how we all had formed such a close friendship, as I was extremely sad to leave and go back to sixth form. That close-knit, second-family feel the surgery had made me want to run a similar practice when I am working as a veterinary nurse, as I have always wanted to own my own practice.
By being in charge of the kiosk, many of the skills I need to use regularly link to my scholarship; I got to use my communication skills when talking to clients, I had to work as part of a team, I got to show my reliability by turning up at the same time every day, and I got to show my organisation skills when it came to cleaning up all the cages in the most efficient way. I also got to see what a real business is like, and what is needed to keep a business working harmoniously and profitably, which I will need to do when I own my very own practice.