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My CEIL Experience

Daniel Skelson
In the Enrichment Fair in Year 12, I was persuaded to do the CEIL as I thought I might gain something out of my enrichment time as it was only two hours a week. At this point I had no idea what I was going to gain, because the talk had stated that I would gain employability skills but didn’t mention what. So I joined with an open mind and hoped that it would be a good decision.
Originally I thought this isn’t too bad, all we had to do was little tasks here and there and write up certain things about ourselves. After a few weeks I was put with a project, which researched and then synopsized documents on employability in young people. This project had the aim of helping to open up other CEIL-like institutes around the country. The first meeting with the team went well, and over time I steadily realised that I just couldn’t do it, I was hopeless at synopsizing. The person who ran the project thought that I was just incapable of doing it correctly, and at this point I didn’t want to continue with this project.
Luckily a new project was started up and I was passed onto this project as the CEIL knew that the first project didn’t exactly go smoothly. This project looked at schools and how they helped students become more employable. This could be either work experience or talks on careers advice and similar based workshops. The person who was in leading the project I knew very well this made me instantly feel comfortable about joining this project. After some talks explaining the project I was shown the Excel Document that showed all of the data. I instantly started asking questions about how it could be improved and in the end she passed me the File and said ‘Improve it’. So I went away and improved the Document which is still used now.
The CEIL had an opportunity project which is the Young Researchers Project. They suggested that I join this as it would be good for me and help me improve on certain points which the other two projects hadn’t. I applied for it, had the interview and was placed as a member of the project. Young Researchers is a group that every year, look into certain aspects of life in young people, for example this year it is Retention of Year 12 Students and Emotional Well-Being. We are given certain points on what the Council would like us to research into and then we think up questions, send out surveys and then review the data collected. This project is really good as it means you meet loads of brand new people across Dorset and that you help expand Dorset’s Research Data meaning that we know what affects our Young People, so we can help support them.
I found that this project used skills from the other two projects meaning that even though they didn’t go as well, they still were helpful when applied to this project. It is almost like Building Blocks, once you have got that Block you never lose it and it lets you reach higher places as you can use what you learnt again and again for different tasks or jobs helping you in future employment and life. The CEIL has shown to me that not everything goes according to plan but if you work hard, seek out those opportunities and learn those skills you can really help yourself and just become an overall more skilled and better person.