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My Journey so far…

Georgia Corps
As a year 13 student I have made the mistake of joining the CEIL in this academic year. The whole of last year wasted and at what cost? I am now only starting to develop skills that I can put to full use in particular situations I will be faced with. I’ve been given an Intern Project that I can work on in my CM hours in the chosen hour a week. Leading up to my first 1:1 with Marcel I was just given task to make a start on a CV, I learnt also the importance of when leaving university you need to be able to stand out from the rest, show an employer why you are better from all other applicants.

I have been in the CEIL now for just over half a year and already I am confident with the types of proficiencies I am required to have and my strong and weak points picked up by marcel in the first 1:1 session I had with him on my sixth week of joining. He had told me I needed to become more focused and maintain attention on a given object independent on the surroundings. I was put on the Kiosk Team to achieve and complete a set of task in a busy and unorganized environment which required me to go to CEIL Tuesdays after school. I find this project very good for me as I have been put in control of stock check and organizing the kiosk, this has enabled me to improve my skills with management and organization, commitment is a large aspect throughout as I am putting my time aside into the Kiosk one lunchtime a week to make sure it is open and every Tuesday after school for an hour. Other than my Kiosk project I have now been put onto the CEIL’s tours team, I’ve only been a member for a couple of weeks now but I was partnered up and my task was to help create a script for a tour, the aim from this project is to allow me to be more confident in myself and when speaking to others in a professional manner.

Overall the CEIL has helped me work on and try to improve my personal skills, so when I am required to stage myself during an interview, for an example; I can show my dexterity and passion. It has helped me build my CV to a standard far better than before I had joined the beginning of this year.
Georgie Corps