Creative Industries at the CEIL – Justine Clent Media Subject Leader

               In October Year 13 Media students were encouraged to take part in a BIMA day that had been organised by the CEIL. This was an opportunity for the students to apply some of their theoretical learning into practice. The day was led by a local digital media company Revolting; the impact of this day has literally altered life courses for some of the students that took part.

Ross (the creative and managing director) initially led the learners through his career path and discussed how his creativity and innovation led to the inception of Revolting. For some students this real –life account enabled them to visualise their own futures and the next steps required to enter this progressive and rapidly expanding industry.

The students were set a practical task for the day and working in groups, collaborated and presented ideas to their peers and the industry representatives at the end of the day. Their results were entered into a national competition.

The lasting impact of the day has quite possibly changed the futures of some of the individuals involved in the following ways:

Successful digital companies exist outside of London/Manchester/Cardiff/Bristol.

A degree is not the only entry point – many successful practitioners have achieved success via modern apprenticeships.

The practical experience has contextualised their learning in a way that coursework cannot – it is demystified and real.

Ross has returned to work with the students again – we have a good industrial link.

One student is seeking practical experience with Revolting.

Student Leadership – Gareth Biddle Director of Learning for Student Voice

Peer leadership photo May 14  The Student Leadership programme uses the CEIL once a half term for the students to reflect on their personal development and to recognise this in terms of evidencing employability skills. The students thoroughly enjoy making the effort to go up to the CEIL: it is sleek, professional looking and gives each occasion a special feel. It is providing exactly what we want in terms of a business environment which helps to make the students make the links in their learning with the world of work. It is exposing them to the facility and I will not be surprised if in years to come many of them go on to work as Interns in the Sixth Form. If you want students to feel like footballers then get them working on the 3G pitch, if you want them to behave like actors put them in the Drama Studio. Likewise if you students to think and get the feel of being in professional work, get them using the CEIL.